Besl History and Timeline.
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  In a world not yet complicated by computers, cellular phones, or facsimile machines, Frank Besl was more than pleased to acquire a new Ford Model-T to service his growing butcher business in 1919 Cincinnati. Ever-frustrated by missed deliveries and poor service, Mr. Besl set out to offer Cincinnati businesses the dependable and efficient service that was expected and deserved.
  After accomodating a need in the area for the transport and delivery of such items as groceries, coal, and lumber, he now possessed nearly twenty dump trucks. By 1925, The Besl Transfer Company was delivering primarily coal. Delivering coal with shovels was neither efficient nor orderly, and soon the growing company was delivering something that came to be known as the "Happy Pack," which was a block of coal wrapped in paper--easily stacked and neatly delivered.
1930's - 1940's

Frank always had a keen eye for staying ahead of the game, and it was becoming apparent that there was a tremendous need for the hauling of equipment for construction purposes on Cincinnati's rapidly expanding waterfront. By the mid 1930's, The Besl Transfer Company owned and operated several tractor/trailer outfits for this purpose, including the first tandem alxe tractor and Rogers Drag trailer on pneumatic tires to be owned and operated in the Miami Valley.
1950's - 1960's
By the late 1950's, Besl acquired operating authority not only in Ohio, but in seven surrounding states as well. During these years Besl was rapidly transforming from a local carrier to what would be a national carrier specializing in heavy hauling moves. Interchange agreements with other carriers and more modern equipment allowed the trucks to travel outside the seven state range.
The transfer of machinery and heavy construction equipment continued to be the company's focus throughout the 1970's, taking a gradual turn into the shipment of steel, aluminum, building materials, lumber, and refractories for the nation's leading industries.
1980's - 1990's
Success continued through the efforts of an increasing number of dedicated professionals, and soon Besl was operating over sixty terminals throughout the forty-eight contiguous states, with an increasingly capable team of hightly qualified, safe, and experienced drivers.
2000 and beyond...
We may consider the term "hard work" in a different way these days, but one thing holds true: whether loading the back of a Model-T with the day's local delivery or hauling tons of steel across the United States, it's still careful planning, state-of-the-art equipment, and seasoned professionals that rise to consistent success.

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